All Available Services:

Please Note: Although we are a full service design studio - who like to offer everything - there are just some things we won't do for money... and that's anything illegal within CA and the US.

We also choose not to get involved with spam or bulk e-mailing on behalf of clients unless it is to recipients of a member type association e-mail list for the purposes of receiving information they have signed up for. We also reserve the right to not accept any work for sites we feel are detrimental to the environment - recreational ORV promotional sites for example. Anyone who blatantly rapes the planet for their own ends doesn't stand much of a chance... Texaco would be a no no.


Web Site Design, Redesign, Maintenance:

- See slide $600.00 Starter Site
- See slide $1,000 Business Site
- See slide Existing Site Redesign
- See slide Web Mastering

All aspects of web design with custom packages and competitive pricing are detailed on our pages.

- also see page Web Portfolio
- also see page Web Design
- also see page Graphic Design



Setting up your web store is easy... just tell us what you need done:

- See slide $650 e-Commerce Store

- also see page Web Portfolio
- also see page e-Commerce page
- also see page Graphic Design

Use the above links for more info or contact us here.



- See slide sample e-Postcard
- Send an e-Postcard

- also see page e-Postcards


360° Panorama VR Movies:

Created from your photos or ours. Add 360° VR movies to your site and attract people to it.

- See page VR Movies


Online Web Forms:

Add any form to any web site...

- See slide sample form
- See page Forms


Streaming Video / Streaming Audio:

Adding audio and video to web sites is standard stuff these days.

- see page Streaming Audio / Video


Online Quizzes:

Add quizzes for fun and educational use.

- See page Quizzes


Photography and Video Shoots:

Full in-house digital studio for both still and video production.

- See page Photography and Video


Online Surveys for Web Sites:

Add online polling to get fast answers to your questions.

- See page Surveys


Graphic Design - Web & Print:

Custom graphic work is how we got started. Definitely up there among the cleanest, snazziest, graphics on the planet.

- See page Custom Graphics for Web


Bulletin Boards / Forums:

Bulletin Boards (BBS's) are open forums where people can interact with each other, post messages, and leave replies.

- See page Bulletin Boards


Flash Animation:

The best basic animation standard there is. Create any animated, interactive type of web page you can imagine.

- See page Flash Animation


Password Protected Pages:

Protect certain areas of your site from prying eyes... create a Members Only area for things.

- See page Password Protected Areas


Web Site Banner Ads:

We can create banner ads for you from scratch. Also offer them as part of site design and web promotions.

- See slide show Banner Ad Tour of 2003
- See page Banner Ads


$9.95/mo. Web Site Hosting:

A service we offer to anyone who prefers our simple no hassle hosting, with all the benefits of NO size limit and NO traffic charges... we take care of it all through our ISP and handle any set up.

- See page $9.95/mo. Web Hosting

Even if we don't do your site but you want to save money on your hosting, you can sign up directly with our ISP. Just say 'Cyberspike sent you”.


Web Site Promotions:

Custom tailored to your specific area of interest... no mass bulk spam e-mailing. Just dedicated research and promotion in the prime areas for your business...

Any promotion is designed to fit your budget and includes creation of any Banner Ads or other graphics as required.

Promotions are not limited to the Internet and can include print ads for suitable publications or other media. Starting at $250, they're a great way to promote your web site and get the extra traffic you want.

Use our contact page to ask about a web promotion.


$9.95/mo. Dial-Up Internet Access:

Another service available through our ISP.

If you can get better, cheaper, 56k modem dial up access, please let me know.

- See page $9.95/mo. Dial up access



Favicons are those little graphics you see at the top of web pages next to the address... A lot of sites have them... here's 3 examples:

Arc-Zone... Cyberspike... CNN

Prices generally run between $50.00 - $100.00 unless it's combined with other web work.
Note: We didn't create the CNN one, that's just here as an additional example of Favicons.

Use our contact page to get hold of us anytime.


$8.75 Domain Name Registration / Renewals:

The cheapest way to renew your domains that we know of to date.

With prices getting more competitive, we're able to offer this lower price through our ISP.

If we're handling your web work we can save you money, or sign up directly with our ISP.

- See page Domain Registration


Snail-Mail Lists / E-Mail Lists / Databases:

We can handle any type of list you like... No matter what the format of the data. We can create databases so you can have e-mail functions, snail-mail functions, or whatever functions...

If you have forms on your site, why not collect the data directly into a database program on your hard drive?

Note: Services available only with other work performed. Use our contact page to inquire about integrating them within your web site.


$49.00/yr. SSL Secure Certificates:

Finally... a secure SSL encrypted web sites that anybody can afford. Now there's no excuse not to offer your customers a secure web site.

- see page $49.00/yr. Secure Certificates.


Custom CGI / PERL programming:

Essential for making things work on your site and customizing your project to how you want. If your web site needs it as part of the work we do we're happy to do whatever it takes.

Not available as a stand alone service.

$149.00/mo., 512kb Wireless T1 Access:

Through our ISP. For the business that needs to have faster access.

- See page 512kb Wireless Info.


Things People Say About Us:

Check out some of the things people have said about our work. Be assured that you're in good hands with Cyberspike.

- See page Things People Say


Bio / Resume:

See our short illustrated bio tour for some background info about us.

- See slide Bio / Resume


Awards / Publications:

We are an award winning, internationally recognized, graphic design entity. Hopefully this shows in our work. We're also members of the html guild.

- See page Awards & Publications