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Nancy Downer
Executive Director
Joshua Tree National Park Association:

This past march we attended the 'Association of Partners for Public Lands' [APPL] convention in Charleston, SC... Our web site was highlighted as being of high quality... an example to follow for our peer groups of partners with the public lands.

The things people say about our work.

Like our awards / publications page, we prefer to keep things to a minimum and let a few select comments from people convey the type of work we do.


Bruce J. Cohen
Senior Vice President
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce:

“Your work has been extraordinary. One of the keys to your being so effective is your capacity to understand our business—not something I've found in the many web designers I've worked with.

Ken Tinquist
Executive Director
Joshua Tree National Park Association:

“Our web site is continually receiving praise from fellow professionals everywhere.”

Thomas Dean
Managing Director
Harvard Business School Association OC:

“Excellent work. I really like what you've done with the Calendar, as I think that this is a marked improvement, both in terms of cosmetics and content.”

Bob Otterbein
Purely Gourmet:

“ ...we appreciate your thoughts and input to our web project. Your opinions, both personal and professional in regard to the web site are second to none.

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