It's nice to know your work is looked at by others and considered good enough to win an award. It's good for people to add site awards because they often draw additional traffic to it, but the bottom line is they don't mean an awful lot in the ultimate scheme of things. They won't even buy you a cup of coffee.

Awards people sometimes have their own ulterior motives for issuing them because they in fact draw people to their own sites and increase their own sales... that's why we don't put a lot of stock in them ourselves. That said though, some are obviously better than others and we're happy to be recognized by the better ones. We don't submit our own work for anything and generally speaking it's the site owner who does that... we find out later - sometimes much later - if a site we did won anything or was nominated.

Actually, we were going to list another 20 or so awards here but decided that if the above three aren't good enough by themselves, listing another 20 might be a waste of time. Especially if you consider that some of these award people don't seem to be around anymore, some of the sites that won them are gone too, and some we can't even remember what sites they were awarded to...

and Publications

It's nice also to have your work recognized and featured in a printed publication. Going back over the last 20 years it's safe to say that 'our' design work has been photographed and featured in many newspapers, magazines, and periodicals... from the London Times to Seventeen magazine, mostly for original greeting card designs.

...The Box: A more recent one for new computer artwork was in Peter Gabriel's UK BOX magazine.

So what are you waiting for? Use our phone us / contact form and let us design some award winning work for you.