We love to create Flash animations, but most of all though we love to get PAID to make them. That's when you get the best ones.

We've created all of these (and more) for the web. They're so versative as animations because you put them up on your site or burn them to CD ROM for off-line viewing. There is no limit to how far you can go.

Please use our phone us / contact page about creating some Flash animations for your business. Make your grandmother proud of you.

Watch / Listen / Play with some Flash.

Flash 1
...From the Arc-Zone web site
[Creating an animated voting panel with background music]

Flash 2
...From the JCC web site
[Mixing some radio ads with Flash animation]

Flash 3
...From the JCC web site
[Mixing three short poems with Flash animation]

Flash 4
...From the JCC web site
[Mixing MP3 play and download with Flash animation and a visual control panel]

Flash 5
...From the Cyberspike archives
[idea for animated web pages]

Flash 6
...From the Oasis of Trash web site
[great use of flash to show before and after photos]

Flash 7
...From the Spin & Margie web site
[animation to give home page some some subtle background action]

Flash 8
...From the Cyberspike archives
[flash for building into target web page]

...More coming soon