Web Hosting for $9.95/mo.

As part of our full service, we're happy to offer our customers the best hosting rates possible.

Through our relationship with the ISP's we work with, we're able to offer our clients exceptional hosting services for $9.95/mo.

Features include the same basic features as you'd get with others - plus added bonus features... unlimited space with no size restrictions, no traffic charges, e-mail alias set up, full statistical hit data, and more.

You can check with our ISP Aikorn.com . See for yourself that you won't even get this deal if you sign up with them directly.

If we work on your site, it's easy for us to incorporate the hosting. If you're happy with your existing host, of course we're happy to work with them also and switching to us is not a requirement for our services.

It pays to keep on top of hosting charges because they're dropping all the time - and we're always doing our bit to make them even lower.

Please note: To all our customers currently paying more than $9.95/mo. We will be switching you over to a cheaper server just as fast as humanly possible. If you don't already know about it, use our phone us / contact form and let's talk hosting charges.