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Custom Bulletin Boards
...John Cooper Clarke

See a complete list of designs on our Portfolio page.
Bulletin Boards / Forums...

If you like people visiting your site to post messages about anything (like how great your products are), these forums are a nice feature to add. They allow people anywhere to post messages and get in touch with others.

They do require some maintenance monitoring on your part. It's important to remember that nobody wants to visit a bulletin board where nobody goes, but if there's a hot issue - like a war - they can get pretty busy...

We've set up several Bulletin Boards for people before and many have fallen by the wayside because they weren't promoted or were just of too little interest to people.

It's also important to remember that safeguards can be used to block any profanity from being posted and blocking violators from returing. Many other user and host configuration options available.

Use our phone us / contact form to ask about setting a BBS up on your site so your people can talk amongst themselves. You have to be prepared for a bit of free speech though.