Hidden Valley : VR Movie

Click here if you want to see a larger 2.0 meg version.

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360° Panorama VR Movies

Becoming more and more common, these animations offer superb ways for people to see things that were not possible before. Explore the inside and outside of anything and everything, just by scrolling your mouse... zoom in on details for closer inspection.

We've made quite a few of these over the years and have to say they are the most fun. The movie to the left was created to showcase the VR movie page on the Joshua Tree National Park Association site.

They use the QuickTime technology developed by Apple and now work pretty much standard on any up-to-date browser without having to download any special plug-in.

Our favorite VR movie of Joshua Tree National park is this one of Hidden Valley. Remember to use your mouse to scroll around and your Control / Command / Shift buttons to magnify / de-magnify.

If you want to add VR movies to your site... use our contact us page and tell us what you want... we'll help you create it and get it up on your web site.