Professional Photography
Joshua Tree National Park Association
Shots for online store

Purely Gourmet
Shots for online store and print catalog

Mojave Rock Ranch
Location shots for web site

Wisdom Tree Studio
Shots for web site and print flyers

John Kennedy
Shots of sculpture

Good photos are essential when it comes to selling your products or vacation rental on the web... customers need to see what your stuff looks like before they buy. The better your product look on the web page, the more people will like it and want to buy.

Artistic Photography
Wildflowers, online gallery
Wildflower blooms of 1998

Desert Images, online gallery
Mojave Desert

Desert Wildlife, online gallery
Mojave Desert

3D Web Photos, online gallery

We have our own in-house studio here and handle a lot of product shots for the web and print. If you live within 60 miles we are also available for selected location work.

Environmental Photography
Desert Trash, Seven images
Mojave Desert

Professional Video
Olympic Coatings
Polishing Machine for web presentation

Mojave Rock Ranch
Video grabs for web presentation

With digital video cameras becoming more common, it's easy for anyone to add video to their web site. We offer inexpensive digital video shooting and editing, and can work with youre supplied tape. If you're within 60 miles we're also able to shoot video on site or location.

Artistic Video
Mojave Desert

We make video a fun thing, (but remain professional at all times when a customer is paying). Hopefully that shows in the samples here.

Fun Video
Unknown Origin
Early mess around edit.
Converted to streaming Real Video

Cyberspike Home Movie
Mojave Wildlife

If you have items that need to be photographed for the web or for printing, and you like our samples above,
please contact us with our phone / e-mail us page.