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Quizzes can be an excellent way to inform people about your services. Even when used just for fun, they're a great way to attract site visitors. A quiz adds interactivity to any site.

Try our Cyberspike Quiz - and win a prize!

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Forms are commonly used throughout the web for people to answer any question and click a Submit button so you get their answers directly by e-mail. What could be simpler?

See sample form slide

We can add any form to any web site and will include them on your site if we design and build it. If you plan to ask any personal or sensitive questions, we recommend the use of a secure socket, just as you would for any online credit card transactions.

Use our contact form to ask us about getting your forms running at 2003 speed.

Surveys can give you interesting feedback about things, but because of the nature of the Internet, the results are not remotely accurate or scientifically guaranteed.

There's a few things you can do though to improve their accuracy... one example would be to block people from voting twice who are on the same internet connection. Try our 'Who Cares' survey below...

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No voting twice!!.

You can change the survey question just as quickly as you can come up with a new topic ...and allow repeat voters.