Adding video content to your site is not only easy, it's sometimes the best thing you can do. We can digitally edit any format tape and make it 'web ready' for people around the world to see. We also shoot professional grade video if you need to start from scratch...

The only drawback to quality is the original source material - a copied VCR tape will not look as good as an original for obvious reasons, and the level to which we compress files (to speed loading) is another consideration... but we like to offer video in a variety of formats to suit whatever download speed is appropriate for the user..

The sample audio / videos clips here are from several web sites we've created that use audio and/or video as a key feature.

With so many web players out there, we've included a few different formats for you to checkout and decide which YOU like best... Everyone has their personal choices... Ours of course is QuickTime.

If you want to add video or audio to your site... use our phone us / contact form and tell us what you want... we'll be happy to get it online for you.

...Watch and listen:


Back Bubble
One of a six online demonstration videos

Wisdom Tree Studios
Native American Indian flute playing

John Cooper Clarke
English Punk Poet

Mathew Patrick
LA Film Director

Real Video
Rick & Cathy Riso
Singers / Songwriters / Ministry

Baby ware suppliers
[Created elements to match web site]


Chumbawamba - Tony Blair
England's outspoken musical ensemble
[Free download from the Chumba web site]

Real Audio

John Cooper Clarke - Burnley
English Punk Poet

Rick & Cathy Riso - Rejoice
Singers / Songwriters / Ministry