[*Cyberspike wish to disassociate them self from this blatantly false and misleading advertisement. There is no evidence whatsoever linking early death to a lack of e-Postcard use.]

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Don't you be like Bill...

Use e-Postcards to promote your web site, increase sales, and live a long and healthy life.

Well maybe not, but any web site can be 'enhanced' with a simple e-postcard system. Use them to promote products, draw viewers to your site, or just for fun.

You can even add your own custom audio sounds to play in the background while people look at them. Flash can used for animated cards, or show a video clip... anything is possible.

The pictures below are examples of how it works... Click on the image you like best ...type in the message you want included, add the recipient e-mail address ...then click send. Done. Easy.

Sales will now increase and you're on your way to a healthy and more prosperous life.

Select any image below to open the e-Postcard section for sending it.

Dune Evening Primrose
[From wildflower blooms of 1998]

Lightning Storm

Indian Petroglyphs
[East Mojave]

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