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Dial-up 56k Internet access for $9.95/mo.

As part of our full service, we're happy to offer our clients and contacts low cost dial-up Internet access for a lot less than some others charge... You show me a man paying $19.95/mo and I'll show you a man who is paying $10.00 too much.

Through the relationship with our ISP, we can offer this price to anyone in their currently served (and fast expanding) areas - so check for availability in your location first.

Look at the Aikorn.com page for full account details, and if you're asking your self why you should change to a $9.95/mo dial-up account, here's a few reasons for you...

- Instant Activation
- Flat Rate - no hidden charges
- No long-term commitment
- 56K V.90 Modems
- Not ad supported
- No busy signals, Local access numbers
- Includes 5 premium e-mail accounts
- 50 Megs of personal web space
- Aggressive SPAM filtering
- WebMail. Check your e-mail anywhere on the web
- Less than half the price of AOL or MSN
- Unlimited hours, unlike Juno or NetZero